Modest Breastfeeding

I am a strong advocate for breastfeeding, but I, like many moms, have felt sheepish about nursing in public.  Well, I thought I write a post about some things that have helped me feel more comfortable.

1.  Train your baby from birth to get used to a light blanket over them while nursing.  If they are used to it, they won’t fight it so much when you are already nervous in a public setting.  I’ve tried the more expensive nursing covers, but I find that a nice light, cotton receiving blanket works just as well.

2.  I’ve discovered a new trick that makes me feel much more comfortable!  Mind you, it only took me getting to my third nursling to realize this.  Well, I find that part of what is so uncomfortable about nursing is having to pull up my shirt and not only expose my breast but also my flabby, not-attractive postpartum belly.  I can’t fix the exposure of the breast part, and you sweet baby needs that.  I have found how to cover your belly in a cheap and effective way.  All that you need is some cotton spaghetti strap camisols for under your clothes.  You pull your upper shirt up and the top of the camisol down!  Problem solved!  No flabby belly showing!  I have found that it is a little warmer with two shirts on, but I think it’s been worth it to not have to worry about my belly showing.  🙂

3.  Just remember that breastmilk is the perfect food for your baby!  It’s tailored to each age, environment, and need of your child.  Remembering these things will give you the incentive to overcome your fears of public breastfeeding. 

I hope you find these tips helpful.  HAPPY BREASTFEEDING!


3 thoughts on “Modest Breastfeeding

  1. I’m so happy you sent me a link to your blog! I love it so far. I’m also so happy other people are encouraging breastfeeding. I did the blanket thing with my first, and it did the trick, but now that I’m into sewing I’ve made nursing covers for myself, and now they’re my staple baby shower gift! 🙂

  2. Actually no, but I saw a book of patterns for them and diaper covers, and because I’m new to sewing, (and by new, I mean I pretty much taught myself the basics on a machine and never learned PROPERLY) I got all overwhelmed looking at the instructions in the book. I want to try and take at least a one day sewing class some time, and then maybe I’ll feel prepared to take that challenge! 🙂

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