Cinnamon Apple Chicken Salad


This will be my first recipe post.  I made this for lunch, and it got rave reviews from the whole family.  It’s fairly healthy, so I had to share.  Sorry that I haven’t posted lately.  I’m researching my cloth diaper information 🙂

Yes, it's on a paper plate. I'm not a professional photographer or cook, but I hope you enjoy!

Please note that this is what I call a “dump” recipe.  You don’t need exact measurements.  Just dump and mix 🙂

Cinnamon Apple Chicken Salad

  • around 2 cups shredded chicken
  • 1 chopped up apple
  • mayo
  • a handful or more of raisins
  • cinnamon (3 or 4 shakes?)
  • walnuts
  • fresh greens

Mix the first 6 ingredients in a bowl and serve on top of the fresh greens.




2 thoughts on “Cinnamon Apple Chicken Salad

  1. I make something like this only I add grapes in place of the raisins.

    another way to make the salad yummy is to grill the chicken with a light sprinkle of dill and lemon as its seasonings. then in place of the mayo make the “mayo” with yougart and dill.

    I think tonight I will try your version and see what the family thinks.

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