How to Throw a Royal Tea Party

I dedicate this post to my beautiful friend, Amy!  She took all the wonderful pictures. 

We love to throw elaborate birthday parties!  It’s become kind of a bad habit, since my first baby’s first birthday.  The kids are growing very accustomed to it, and they are coming up with some interesting themes.

As my daughter’s birthday came closer, she decided she wanted a princess tea party.  Well, that sounded like fun to us, but we figured that the little boys wouldn’t enjoy it very much.  So, we decided on a girls only party.

Then, I wanted to make it something that wasn’t about being a prissy princess.  I don’t mind my little girl being very girly, but I don’t want her to expect to be waited on or served, ya know?

Then I remembered hearing about “Gigi, God’s Little Princess”.  It’s a DVD series, a book series, and so much more.  I had never actually seen any of the DVDs, so I borrowed some.  They were adorable!  So, I wanted to make the party about being God’s princess. 

A dear friend of mine pointed out a website to me that had ideas for a princess tea party centered around Gigi!  The ideas were actually for a bookstore or some such place so that they could sell more Gigi books, but I definitely took a lot of the ideas and ran with them.

I copied and pasted the invitation into my Print Shop program and made it so that four invites would fit on a page.  I printed the invites on pink card stock, and then I filled in the information.  I added notes on the invite to be more specific to my party needs.  I added “Girls and Moms Only” and “Princess attire encouraged”.  I also should have included something at the top about how this was a birthday party, but my friends are smart.  They figured it out. 

Then, we worked on the decorations and party favors.  I say “we” because my mom deserves most of the credit for our elaborate birthday parties.  She’s my personal party coordinator extraordinaire! 

She found the cutest little tea cups at a thrift store and scooped them up.  She tied ribbons around the bottom, and I threw in some sparkly letters on each cup.  The letters coordinated to the first letter of each girls name!  I know, special huh?  You should know that is sparkling cider in the cup. 

My little girl specifically requested flowers, and of course my mother (her grandmother) delivered!  They made beautiful centerpieces. 

I used the name tags from the Gigi party kit and printed them on Avery Labels.  By the way, I couldn’t find the specific Avery Label mentioned in the instructions, so I used 3 1/3″ by 4″ shipping label #5264.  I put the labels on each chair for assigned seating 🙂  It really did work well for the purpose, but the labels did not come off easily.  Go Gone worked great, but you might not want to make the same mistake. 

Before the party started, I had fun with the streamers.  I taped some so that they would hang down and everyone had to walk through them.

I also taped some to the ceiling fan!  This was a big hit with the adults and kids alike.  My four-month old was especially mesmerized!

So, the party instructions say that you should play a Gigi DVD, and I did have one.  I ran into a Gigi board book at our local bookstore, and I decided to use that instead.  I made that my one and only gift to my little girl.  Usually, the big party is my gift to my kids, and they don’t seem to mind a bit! 

We started off the party with my little princess opening her book and me reading it to the girls. 

I did add a little to the reading of the book because it wasn’t clear how to become God’s little princess.  My husband called it “watered down”.  Well, the little princesses in attendance knew that the King of Kings is Jesus Christ, and to become his princess we need to be His child by asking Him into our hearts.  They gave me this information with just a few simple questions from me!  Smart princesses!

Then we discussed how God’s princesses should behave.  The little instructions wanted us to have posture lessons and such, but I wasn’t shooting for the prissy princess, if you remember.  I brought up the fact that Matthew 20:27 says “And whosover will be chief among you, let him be your servant.”  To be great in God’s kingdom, we need to be a servant.  I emphasized that God’s princess should love others and serve them. 

We did do a little raising of the pinky though!

Then the girls (ahem I mean princesses) decorated their crowns with jewels.  They also got a few toy rings as well.

Then we began our royal feast.  We had PB & J finger sandwiches and strawberries!

Then we feasted on divine cupcakes!

We did have a veggie plate that some of the girls munched on too!  Then, we did a fun and very lady-like pinata (couldn’t figure out how to add the tilde).  You pull the ribbons instead of hitting it with a bat!

We finished the party with the birthday princess opening her presents!

The party was a royal success, and the girls behaved themselves so well.  I wanted to share the fun with you.  If you use any of these ideas, be sure and let me know.  I’d be tickled pink 😉


7 thoughts on “How to Throw a Royal Tea Party

  1. I probably won’t be borrowing this anytime too soon, but I think it sounds great. I love that all your princesses got to hear about the King of Kings and that you emphasized loving and serving. Abe knows that he might have his own princess some day and it will be his job to love her, protect her, provide for her and point her to Jesus. So sweet to hear that coming from your three old’s mouth.

    • It sounds like momma is raising Abe right! We know who we’ll be looking up, when it’s time for the princess to find a prince 🙂 Keep up the good work, Mandi! See you soon.

  2. It was a great party and we had a blast! I’m glad you like the pictures – sorry I didn’t get one of the veggie plate! Haha!

  3. Nah, I don’t currently have a desire to go professional, but I am thinking it would be a cool and fun way to serve!

  4. Plus it was super easy with the environment you guys worked to set up! Just point and shoot, and there was pretty stuff all around!

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