Power of a Praying Wife and Proverbs 31- Intro

I received a copy of The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian, about 10 years ago.  That was before I was even married!  I have always known the value of prayer, but I always struggle with a wandering mind.  Stormie’s book helps me to keep a little more focus 🙂  Notice, I did say “a little”

The book was given to me by a dear couple who were good friends with my husband-to-be during college.  I’m sad to say that we have lost track of them.  I did want to share the precious words that were written at the front of the book.

I realize that this is just a book by an ordinary woman, and I will never treat it as Gospel.  I may even respectfully disagree with some things she writes.  She is a great writer though who reminds us of the fact that our Savior wants to hear from us.

She uses lots of Scripture in the book, and each chapter ends with “Power Tools” which are the verses that pertain to the topic at hand.

In addition to her references, I want YOU to dig into the Bible yourself.  We will also  be doing an in-depth study of the section of Proverbs 31 about the excellent wife.

Did you know that Proverbs 31:1-31 is an acrostic of the Hebrew Alphabet?  “The ABC’s of a Godly household”.  I don’t remember ever hearing this before, but I of course, don’t know Hebrew.  Any Hebrew scholars out there who could verify this for me?

Your assignment for week 1:  Try to find a book, although not completely necessary.  Read the “The Power”.  I already respectfully disagree with a few points.  Did you find anything you disagree with?  What did you find that really touched you?  Look up the history of Proverbs 31 and report back what you find.  I will post each Friday (or try my hardest) with a new topic and assignment.


4 thoughts on “Power of a Praying Wife and Proverbs 31- Intro

  1. Excited for this. I really miss digging in to the Word together with other women. As iron sharpens iron, so one friend sharpens another.

    I will try to find a copy of this book this week. What are you thinking about where to post? In the comments or on our own blog and link?

    And I don’t know Hebrew, although sometime maybe I’ll learn it with the kids… But I have heard that it is an acrostic multiple times before, so I think she’s probably right. 🙂

    • Mandi,

      I’m glad you’re excited! You can tell how excited I am by how quickly I got the first post up, huh?
      I’m not quite sure what you are asking with the comments vs blog/link. I’m expecting us to discuss through the comments on the blog.
      I’m glad you’ve heard of the acrostic before; I think it’s pretty cool.

  2. Okay, I haven’t been able to get a copy of the book yet, but researching Proverbs 31, I am interested to see that most people attribute this portion of Proverbs to Bathsheba, Solomon’s mother. It says in one commentary, King Lemuel, (referred to in 31:1) may have been another name for Solomon (of course, naturally leading to the writings being from or inspired by Bathsheba) sooo…cool dude.

    Although this IS a theory, I (at least) am convinced. There is no mention of a King Lemuel anywhere else in history…(I think he’s referred to one other time in the Proverbs…?), and verse 2 says, “O son of my vows” – Bathsheba is a name that means, “daughter of the oath” – so some scholars think this is a reference to that. Of course, it’s also very convincing just that logically Bathsheba probably would have been an authority on giving wisdom to kings.

    So the idea that this is an acrostic is KIND of cool…I don’t really get it… But, the thing I think would be most interesting to think…that if this was written by Bathsheba. Okay…this COULD be one of two things…perhaps these are literal words of a mother written for Solomon and he has merely passed them on, or these are the “sayings” of the mother put into Solomon’s words (and he is the one who made the acrostic). Assuming the former, this is so like a mom. Kind of like, “Here’s your lunch honey, it’s crunchy peanut butter with the crusts cut off, just like you like it. Oh, and here’s your words of wisdom. I made it an ACROSTIC so it’s easier to remember…”

    I don’t mean to make light of it, but really just to point out that acrostics are still relevant and widely used today and just another reason the Bible is so relevant and how we are all connected to these Biblical personalities, and we can still find significant ways to relate to them.

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