“His Sexuality” and Proverbs 31:13

Okay?  How do we get prepared to discuss this topic?  We are thinking attractive, desirable, sexy,  Have you taken a shower today?  Combed your hair?  You might want to go do those things 🙂  Of course, you’re not doing these things for me.  We’re thinking of the dear hubby.  Now, go grab something to drink, preferably caffeinated.  We want to be full of vim and vigor!

Are you ready for this week’s challenge? Before I tell you what it is, let me share a little excerpt from Created To Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl.  She writes:

“A man is negatively affected by a half-hearted response from his wife.  The poor guy is never fully relieved and therefore never feels totally satisfied, making him think he is a sexual pervert or something, because he needs sex so often.  It is like eating a tiny snack, a bit here and there, yet never sitting down to eat a big, juicy steak and salad.”

So, your challenge is to give your husband a “juicy steak and salad”, if you know what I mean.  Don’t give him a half-hearted attempt or response.

The chapter we read from The Power of a Praying Wife this past week was “His Sexuality”.

Things that touched me:

  1. Stormie brings up I Corinthians  7:4,5 and says, “Sex between a husband and wife is God’s idea.”  So true!  It’s God ordained.  Enjoy!  Don’t deprive your husband.
  2. “You leave yourselves open for temptation, and far more destruction than you can imagine, when this area of intimate communication is neglected”
  3. I love Stormie’s idea to take some time to feel refreshed, if you are not feeling so willing.  I’ve tried this on a few occasions, and it does help to change your attitude.
  4. I appreciate that Stormie brings up the wife being sexually neglected by the husband.  This isn’t as rare as you may think.  Many a woman has been bewildered and lost in this situation.
  5. “Surprise him with a new attitude”  Ladies, you may be drop dead gorgeous, but your attitude makes you unattractive.  Change it!
  6. As part of the prayer this week it says, “Help me to never use it as a weapon or a means of manipulation by giving and withholding it for selfish reasons.”  I had an older lady tell me that I should wait to ask for expensive things until after sex.  How manipulative!

I had no disagreements with this chapter.

Proverbs 31:13 “She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.”

First thing I think of when I read this is that I really need to learn how to sew!  I can do the basic button repair, but after that, I’m lost.  Of course, that is not the main point.  Just my hang up!

The verse shows that an excellent wife or woman is not afraid to get her hands dirty.  She’s definitely smart enough to avoid the dirty work, but she’s not going to sit back and let others do it.  Of course, she wouldn’t be griping and complaining while she is doing it either.

I mean I can pull the weeds, check the oil, shovel rock in the back yard, but I think a lot of complaining usually comes along with those chores.  She, on the other hand, gets the job done willingly and cheerfully.  She sees what needs to be done and does it.

She is not at home eating bon-bons and watching soap operas, reading blogs, catching up on Facebook, reading a romance novel, etc.  She is not idle but busy with her skillful hands.

Rebekah, Isaac’s future wife, proved she was this type of woman and worthy of being Isaac’s bride by drawing water for the camels (Gen 24:14, 16-20)

Your assignment for week 5:  Read Chapter 5 of The Power of a Praying Wife “His Affection”.  It’s a very short one!  What touched you?  Any disagreements?  Pray that you and your husband will have renewed affection for each other.  Also, study and ruminate on Proverbs 31:14.


2 thoughts on ““His Sexuality” and Proverbs 31:13

  1. I thought it was pretty straight forward. I agreed with what she had to say. Thankfully, I am very happy with my intimacy with my husband…and I believe he is, too. With him being away working a lot it’s pretty necessary to attend to those needs whenever we are together. The last thing I want is for him to feel neglected. He is my priority when we are together and I want him to know that. I think it’s also important to remember that he doesn’t have to be the only one to initiate it….and if he’s pre-occupied or for some reason is not in the mood not to be hurt or offended.

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