Step-by-Step Cloth Diapering: Why Part 3 (potty training and cuteness)

Here are some more reasons why I chose to cloth-diaper 🙂

Reason #3: Potty-training

Potty-training can be very difficult or very quick and painless depending on the kid.  My son took a long process.  My second daughter was pretty quick to potty-train.  I can’t  tell you about the third one, because she’s too young yet.

I have read mixed reviews about whether or not cloth diapers can help to speed up potty training.  I do think that it is logical that it would help.  In a disposable, a child doesn’t feel the wetness that they would in a cloth diaper.  Understanding whether they are wet or dry has been key to my potty training success so far.

Therefore, I definitely don’t think cloth-diapering would hurt the potty-training process.  I’ll keep you posted as to whether or not it helps.

Reason #4:  Cute and Stylish

Did you know that cloth diapers have changed a ton since when your mom was doing it?  She most-likely used square cotton flats that she had to pin.  They probably were very bulky, and you had the potential of stabbing the baby with a diaper pin.

Now, cloth diapers are easier to use, and they are much cuter than the disposables.  You can get neutral colors, but you can also get girly or boyish styles.

Of course, “cuter” is more of an opinion, but I’ve added a few pictures of the style that cloth diapers can bring to your already adorable baby.

Disposable companies are trying to be more stylish these days, but they can’t compare.

I apologize that all the pictures don’t have the brand names on them, but you can clearly see Mac-a-Doodle and Zookies 🙂


One thought on “Step-by-Step Cloth Diapering: Why Part 3 (potty training and cuteness)

  1. I tried cloth diapering with Scarlett for a couple weeks, but all I had as a gift from friends were the old huge cloths that you folded up. I think I would have more success with these in the future (when/if). Even if the baby didn’t like them very much I would be like, “You will wear them because they are cute!”

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