“His Walk” and Trusting God with birth control?

The chapter we read from The Power of a Praying Wife was “His Walk”.

Things that touched me:

  1. Stormie shares her observation of godly men.  She writes, “I’ve seen men who were unattractive by any standard change radically as they learned to walk with the Spirit of God.  As His image became imprinted upon theirs, they developed a richness of soul, a glorious purity, and an inner confidence of knowing what direction they were going.  This gave them a strength and a sense of purpose that is not only attractive and appealing, it’s magnetic.”  I pray that God gives our husbands this strong sense of purpose and direction.
  2. Stormie reminds us of what the Bible says about our walk.  She says, “But ‘narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which lead to life, and there are few who find it’ (Matthew 7:14).  Pray for your husband to find it.  Pray that he is guided by God’s Holy Spirit.  Pray that he stays on the path by having faith in God’s Word, a heart for obedience, and deep repentance for any actions he takes that are not God’s will for his life.”  Amen! I pray that not only our husbands find the narrow path but that we do too!  It will be difficult, but the rewards are out of this world! 🙂

Things that I respectfully disagree with.

  1. Stormie makes reference to Isaiah 35:8 which says, “And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein.”  While referring to this verse, she writes, “The best part about walking on the Highway of Holiness is that even if we end up doing something dumb, we still won’t get thrown off the path.”  I agree with the essence of what she is saying that we are not thrown out of the kingdom of God when we make mistakes, but I don’t agree that this verse in Isaiah is referring to the Christian walk at all.  I feel that the Scripture is applicable to Israel after the second coming and that the Scripture was taken out of context.

Trusting God with birth control?

We may say with our lips that we trust God with everything, but does that really translate into our lives?

Of course, “everything” covers a lot, but I have chosen to write about the things that I find are most common to not release into God’s hands.

The thing that is fresh in my mind is family size.  Seeing that we are unexpectedly pregnant and going to be having our fourth child, this one hits home especially.

I thought I trusted God with this, but how did I show my trust in Him?  Really, I just did my own planning and expected that he would bless it.

I have a dear friend who is always asking me about my thoughts on birth control.  I, more than once, have told her that it is dependent on each person’s convictions and that we need to obey what God is showing us and the guidance of our husband.  She would contend that maybe God wants someone using birth control to have a large family, but they are preventing what God wants with the birth control.  My response was always that God is bigger than our little methods.  If he wants someone to be pregnant, they will be with or without birth control.

I didn’t actually ever think that God would show that last statement so true!  He did with this surprise pregnancy,

Because this pregnancy wasn’t in “my plan”, I questioned God’s timing and judgment on it.  Really?  How dare me!  He is the God of the universe!  He always knows better than me!

Isaiah 55:8  “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.”

Because I know that many of you are having an inner struggle with the birth control stuff, let me explain my personal thoughts and convictions.  I did say that this is my “personal” stuff, and I’m not going to dictate to you what you must do.  Let God guide your own conscience.

Okay, the first question that I have is when is life created?  I know, deep huh?  I personally believe that life is created when the egg and sperm meet and create a new life-form called a zygote.

After fertilization of the egg, the zygote must find a place to rest its head, figuratively speaking.  This is called implantation.

This is where the first birth control question comes.  If a zygote was created because the egg and sperm met and it isn’t able to implant because of the form of birth control, is this an abortion?  Was a life terminated?

My husband and I, after much discussion, decided, many years ago, that we don’t want to walk this moral line.  We decided that our birth control methods should only prevent fertilization not implantation.  In other words, we chose to use a method that prevents the sperm and egg from meeting.

Okay, some of you may be saying, “Well, that is exactly why you ended up with an unexpected pregnancy.”  Yes, that may be true, but was that wrong?

Am I wrong to use any birth control method at all?  I don’t claim to have all the answers on this issue.  I know this may have stirred up a lot of thoughts, but please be kind.  I would love to have a reasonable discussion on this topic.

If you want to read more about this topic (I don’t necessarily agree with all these sites):





Your assignment for week 25: Read Chapter 24 of The Power of a Praying Wife “His Talk”. What touched you? Any disagreements? Pray that your husband will have a watch over his tongue and be wise with his words. This week, ponder trusting God. What areas are the most difficult to trust God?  Give me some comments with suggestions 🙂  I only have a couple more ideas.


3 thoughts on ““His Walk” and Trusting God with birth control?

  1. Thanks Robin…I definitely agree on the birth control issue…when I researched birth control years back and found like you said that every form of hormonal birth control and IUDs can prevent pregnancy by preventing implantation we decided that we couldn’t live with that knowledge that we could be having essentially an abortion every month….we had a 61/2 year gap using no hormonal birth control so it can be done and westill have a happy active sex life 🙂
    We used spermicide, condoms occasionally :), and withdra

  2. I appreciate your vulnerability in addressing this subject. I, too, have questioned God at times to only feel “sheepish” when he reveals His plan. 🙂

  3. Travis and I have discussed this issue. We used the fertility awareness method for a while and then decided that if God says children are a blessing, why would we try to prevent God from blessing us? I realize that there could be reasons for preventing a pregnancy, but at the time we discussed this issue, all the ones I could come up with were simply selfish – i.e. I didn’t enjoy much of the experience of pregnancy, money would be tighter (this is generally a silly reason for Americans, in my opinion! We are the most wealthy country in the world and one of the only that complains it can’t “afford” more kids. You really have to re-evaluate needs and want by stepping outside our culture’s perspective), it would be more work, etc. I have been so blessed by listening to the perspetives of other families who welcome children as God gives them. It is so refreshing and a wonderful wake-up-call to help me get my head out of our cultural mindset on children. Does each child need to be provided with his own bedroom, a car when he’s 16 and a college education placed in his lap? This assumption is why most people can’t imagine how we can afford even 3 children.

    Thanks, Robin, for addressing this issue. I pray that the Lord will use it to help some at least think through the issues and not simply settle for the status-quo!

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