The story of one javelina

Once upon a time during a warm February in Arizona, a javelina found herself face to face with a seasoned hunter. The javelina lost her life that day to feed a family of 5 (almost 6).

The javelina carcass was field dressed then hung in a tree while it waited to be brought to the growing family.  It would soon be skinned.
The carcass arrived to the family on a Sunday afternoon, and the head of the household, a strapping lad, spent 2 hours cutting the meat off the bone so that sausage could be made.

The growing family, although very partial to not eating factory meats, had not yet butchered any of their own food as of yet. The mother, a homely yet well-meaning woman, did not want to touch the carcass with its hairy legs and cloven feet.

After the meat was cut into small pieces, it was placed into the fridge.  The next day (Monday), a grocery trip needed to be made to procure the supplies needed to finish the sausage project.

Much to the rambling mother’s chagrin, the family learned that game meat is often too lean to use for sausage.  So, they had to go buy some “factory” meat to add fat to the sausage.  The homely mother would have gladly run somewhere to get some homegrown fat, but that somewhere was not available.

So, Monday evening was spent grinding javelina and “factory” pork at about a 50/50 ratio.  The growing family ended up with 10 pounds of breakfast sausage and 20 pounds of Italian sausage.  Even the young discerning mouths of children think it tastes pretty good. 🙂  The rambling mother thinks that the breakfast sausage recipe needs some tweaking, but things turned out pretty well.

The javelina = lots of yummy meals!


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