No more chalky, dry mineral makeup

I’m getting older!  Gasp!  My skin is getting drier, and the mineral makeup that I used to use in the past doesn’t look as good.  I hate wasting the mineral makeup that has been left over, so I came up with a solution.  Add a good oil to it!  That makes it moisturizing to my OLD skin, and I get to use the mineral makeup.

Step one: WASH you hands!  I know!  I’m old school on this one, but it’s been proven to help 😉

Step two:  Put some mineral makeup into your hands.  I mix colors and make what I like.

Step three:  Add oil.  I chose to add jojoba oil.  I encourage you to look up the benefits of jojoba oil.  I also added a tiny bit of tea tree essential oil to my jojoba oil.  I emphasize the tiny!  You don’t want to overdo the essential oils and waste or have a harsh reaction.

Step four: Mix it in your hand.

Step five: Rub it into your face like a liquid foundation!  Enjoy the moisturizing effect and miss out on the chalky, dry mineral makeup!

This is my bottle that contains the jojoba oil and the tiny bit of tea tree oil. It used to contain an herbal tincture 🙂


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